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Mindy Schultz

Mindy Schultz

Mindy is a recent lover of all things Pinterest, writing blogs for The Finishing Touch, and finding awesome books to download on her new iPad. She also is an avid Ellen DeGeneres fan… but really… who isn’t?!

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Four Ways to Get Organized in 2014

The New Year brings a new you, new clothes, new health, new goals – and in my opinion, the best way to start “new” with any aspect of your life, is by getting organized! Pinterest Fab 4: Four Ways To Get Organized in 2014 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas If you’re anything like me, you spend little as little time as possible cooking or cleaning.  Just saying – the microwave is my best friend.  But, having a crazy organized kitchen might be just the trick to getting me to the stove. The less mess, the less stress, and the more likely I will start picking up the spatula.  Here are 14 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas I found on Pinterest that might…

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What is the Difference Between Single Cellular Shades and Double Cellular Shades?

r January 22, 2014 | B Editor's Picks, FAQ Customer Service

Honeycomb Cellular Shades have a lot to offer.  With a wide range of colors, light filtering and room darkening fabrics, and advanced lift options – the custom combinations are endless!  However, many customers aren’t sure when to choose single cellular shades or double cellular shades.   So what is the difference between Single Cell Shades and Double Cell Shades? Single Cell In many cases, single cellular honeycomb shades are less expensive than double cell.  They use less material and generally have a shorter manufacturing time – which gives you big savings. Another advantage to single cellular shades is insulation.  With their single layer of pleats, the honeycomb material reduces energy costs by filtering light and blocking UV rays. We have a wide selection of single cell…

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Pinterest Fab 4: Inexpensive Holiday Decor

r December 23, 2013 | B DIY Projects, Pinterest Faves

It’s not to late to try these DIY Christmas Decor Projects that’ll bring spirit, joy and warmth into your home. At, we are all about saving money, so let’s get festive with these inexpensive holiday decor ideas! Holiday Door Every year around this time, I take at least one night to drive around and look at the holiday lights and décor. Decorating the outside of your home is just as much fun as the inside!  Be the talk of the street with your very own Nutcracker themed front door. Find step by step instructions on how to create this great look here. Floating Candle Centerpiece Go to your local dollar store, to find the supplies to this next holiday décor…

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Pinterest Fab 4: Homemade Gifts

r November 8, 2013 | B Budget Design, DIY Projects, Holiday Fun

With the holidays quickly approaching, the spirit of giving is among us now more than ever! As gift giving comes and goes, so does the money in our wallet!  Check out today’s Pinterest Fab 4: Homemade Gifts to learn how to stay in the spirit of giving without breaking the bank. Candy Cane Sugar Scrub Sugar Scrubs are the perfect gifts for all teachers, friends and family, and are super easy DIY projects to make! There are tons of recipes/styles on how to create your sugar scrub, but this Candy Cane Sugar Scrub is the perfect holiday find. Learn how to create this holiday mix step-by-step here. DIY Antique Candles Everyone loves a good smelling candle, but with prices ranging from $10-$20 dollars for one,…

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Top 10 Cool Halloween Projects

r October 28, 2013 | B DIY Projects, Holiday Fun

Halloween is the one time a year to celebrate the combination of orange and black, the cob webs and spiders, the goriness of blood, and the superstitious black cats. Let out the goblins and ghosts in this month Top 10 Cool Halloween Projects Frankenstein yogurt cups Everyone’s favorite monster comes out for a little snack with this holiday concoction. Celebrate the cherished Mary Shelley creation with this yummy treat.  Great for any kids Halloween party, Frankenstein Yogurt Cups are simple and easy to make.   With a black sharpie, make your very own Frankenstein by drawing his face on the outside of a clear plastic cup.   Add vanilla pudding tinted with green food coloring to make his familiar face and crush…

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Customer Service FAQ – How To Fix Crooked Aluminum Mini Blinds

You’re tuning into to another ‘Window FAQ’ post from Mindy, a fabulous Customer Service Representative here at Have a window covering question you’d like help with? Leave a comment below! Thanks for tuning in to yet another Customer Service FAQ!  In today’s post, we are going to learn how to fix crooked Aluminum Mini Blinds.  Here we go! Tools Needed: Level and Flat head screw driver Step 1: First do a level check on your blind.  Use a level to determine if the brackets, window and mounting surface are level. Step 2: Every cordless blind will use a cordless grip handle to operate the product up and down.  It is important to make sure the handle has been installed in the center of the bottom rail so that it can raise…

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Window FAQ – What Are The Best Blinds for the Basement?

Whether you have a finished basement or not, privacy is still a top priority – and that’s where we come in!  Find out what window coverings deems “Best Blinds for the Basement” in today’s Window FAQ. Sports Themed Basement With football season just kicking off, (no pun intended!), we have the best blinds for the basement for all you crazy sports fans! A great way to show off your pride (and not ruin your fancy upstairs décor) is to create a man cave dedicated to your favorite team. Find your favorite team from our Collegiate Roller Shades and drape your windows with school spirit.  Go Team Go!   Finished or UnFinished Basements If you’d like to be a little more conservative with your…

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Customer Service FAQ – How to Replace a Cord Tilter: 2″ Horizontal Blinds

We all know how frustrating it can be when your blinds break - ugh!  Tilting your slats open and closed is a daily routine for most customers, so what do you do if they no longer tilt? Tune in to today’s Window FAQ: How To Fix Blinds That Won’t Tilt – 2″ Horizontal Blinds Tools Needed: Flat Head Screw Driver, Rubber Mallet, Needle-nose Pliers Step 1: Remove the valance from the valance clips.  Tilt the slats horizontally.  Lift and lock slats in the raised position with approximately 1″ of space between the top slat and the underside of the headrail. Step 2: Remove the blind from the mounting brackets. Step 3: Remove the cord tassels and washers from the tilter cords…

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Window FAQ: How Do You Measure for Blinds on Doors?

Measuring blinds for a door can be simple if you know what you are doing.  And that’s where we come in.  Tune in to today’s Window FAQ to learn how to get the best results when measuring blinds for doors! No matter what type of window treatment you choose to install over your door, you should first look to see if you have molding around the glass. I do have window molding around my glass: If you do have window molding, it is important to leave enough space above and below the glass to allow the blinds to operate properly.  Your mounting hardware cannot install into the glass section, so you need proper clearance for the installation on top.  You…

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Pinterest Fab 4: Easy school lunches

Summer is starting to wind down and with that comes the commotion of getting ready for back to school days – backpacks, uniforms, school supplies, and most imporanty, your kiddos lunches! The start of a school year can be hectic so we want to help you get through it with as much ease as possible - I mean hey.. our mission statement is to provide an easy and exciting experience, so its just fitting. Check out this months Pinterest Fab 4: Easy School Lunches DIY Lunchbox Icepacks: The essential to every healthy lunch box is a good ice pack.  How else would you keep those fruits and veggies fresh?  DIY Lunchbox Icepacks are the perfect creation because they are both cheap and easy to make.  Buy a few sponges…

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