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Katie Laird

Katie Laird

Katie Laird (aka: happykatie) is the PR and Social Media Marketing Manager. But, more importantly, she's a home design obsessed Web geek with a love for Mid-Century Modern furniture, stained glass and DIY / crafty projects she can work on with her family over a bottle of homemade root beer. Find her Tweeting at @BlindsDotCom + @happykatie -- and pinning like nobody's business at @BlindsDotCom + @happykatie.

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Dream Dorm Decor: Deck The Walls

Now that you’ve settled into the dorm are your walls looking a little bare? In any small living space it can be a challenge to find a wall covering solution that is proportional to the size of the room and conforms university restrictions. We have several ideas that will help you cover up that bad paint job and surround yourself with things you love. Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for our Dream Dorm Question of the week! Leave an answer in the comments and you’ll be entered to win one of our Dream Dorm Prize Packs! Arrange a Gallery Wall image via A gallery wall will make a sophisticated statement when frames in gold and black are…

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Congrats to Christine for winning MasterChef!

r September 11, 2012 | B Culture

WOOOO HOOOO!!!  We are so proud of family member Christine Ha for her spectacular win on MasterChef this week! Over the last few weeks, our team has salivated over her dishes and cheered her on like the crazy fans that we are – especially her husband John, one of our awesome designers. Keep in touch with Christine, MasterChef winner! Besides her upcoming cookbook, you can stay connected to Christine through her blog, Twitter account and get a head start with her Ultimate Gourmet Burger recipe. What was your favorite part of this season’s MasterChef?

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Pinterest Fab 4: Home organization

r September 7, 2012 | B DIY Projects, Pinterest Faves

It’s time for another week’s worth of favorite Pinterest gems. Since we’re not always geeking out about window blinds, this time we decided to zero in on home organization tips and tricks. 1.  Methodical Measuring- Say, “No More!” to looking up conversions every time you cook. Including a measurement conversion chart on a cabinet door is genius. It’s a great way to utilize this space and with the labeled hooks for measuring cups and spoons you’ll never have to rifle through a drawer to find the one you need. Click on this pin to see all the other smart organizing tips for the kitchen from Tidy Mom. 2. Neat as a Pin Bathroom Essentials- Give your bathroom a graphic edge…

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Window FAQ: How to fix vertical blinds with light gaps

r September 6, 2012 | B DIY Projects, FAQ Customer Service

Welcome to another ‘Window FAQ’, with answers provided by our fabulous Customer Service Team at If you have a window covering question you’d like us to address, leave a comment below! How can I remove the space between my Vertical Blind slats? The main purpose of vertical blinds is to block out unwanted light. But if slats won’t lie flat against one another, beams of light can shine in through gaps and drive a person crazy! Vertical Blinds Fix #1: Dryer Sheets! Because some vertical blinds are made of PVC, they attract static electricity. This causes the slats to push away from one another, and creates a gap for light to come through. The good news is that there’s an…

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Labor Day blinds and shades sale!

r August 29, 2012 | B Giveaways and Promotions

Want 10% off our brand blinds and shades? You got it!  Let’s celebrate Labor Day with a little window style and a great discount on our brand designer blinds and shades. If you’ve been waiting for a great blinds sale discount to get your rooms ready for fall, you’ll love our 10% off on products like: Double cell blackout shades Cordless roman shades 2″ wood blinds 2″ fauxwood blinds Happy Labor Day from! Our great Labor Day discounts end on September 5th, 2012 – we make shopping fun and installation easy, so you can enjoy your weekend!

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Real customer photos: Wood blinds for the dining room

r August 9, 2012 | B Real Customer Photos

Already have your dream dining room furniture and fabulous china that make your dinner party soirees sparkle?  How are those dining room windows looking? We love what one customer has done throughout her home with our beautiful custom 2-inch wood blinds, just look at how her dining room windows glow! 2-inch Deluxe Windows: ” Love these wood blinds!”  I liked these wooden blinds right away; (I chose golden oak) measured, ordered and had them installed in less than 2 weeks. I admire them and wonder why I didn’t do these window treatments sooner! After doing 5 windows in my bedroom and bath, I measured, ordered and received the blinds for my remaining bedrooms and dining room, pictured above. Next, I…

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Think YOU have it hot? Summer video fun

As part of our Sizzlin’ Summer series with Bounce Energy, this week we’re looking at some of the toastiest spots on the planet.  Think that YOU have it hot?  Maybe not after watching some of these fun sizzlin’ summer videos! Night time is a hot summer day’s best friend, but imagine enjoying the Icelandic sights in full light for 24 hours a day, thanks to the blazing midnight sun: A dip in the pool is great for anyone on a hot day – imagine how great a quick splash feels for the elephants at the Houston Zoo? Appreciate your sub-136 degree weather with a look at the jaw droppingly beautiful (and steamy) Sahara desert: Sure it’s snowy outside, but these…

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Congrats to our $5000 Cash Giveaway winner!

r August 1, 2012 | B Giveaways and Promotions

There are few things, besides picking perfect blinds and eating cake, that are more exciting for our team than getting to do fun giveaways! Thanks to all who entered our $5000 Cash Giveaway, we had massive participation and selected our winner this morning! Want to find out who won $5000? Fan us on Facebook and check out our $5000 winner app to see who gets to celebrate big time!  As always, stay tuned  for more giveaways, contests and promotions – even if you didn’t win this time around!

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Sliding glass doors look great with vertical sheer shades

Sliding glass doors or large window challenges giving your window decor ideas a run for their money?  Our vertical sheer window shades could be your new favorite home design addition! These soft vertical shades are an elegant way to update your home’s look with all of the functionality of a traditional vertical shade, but a far more elegant feel! Washable, beautiful and durable – you’ll love these sheer shades! Beautiful and durable, you can freshen up your sheer shades in your washing machine on the gentle cycle with cold water (no dryers, please!).  And best of all,  the great new sheer shading colors are just right to spruce up any room – our free sample ordering makes it easy to pick your favorite in person! What…

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$5000 giveaway – sign up by 7/31 to win big!

r July 25, 2012 | B Giveaways and Promotions

Just a friendly reminder to enter yourself into our $5000 cash giveaway! Your deadline to enter your email and cross your fingers, toes and other extremeties is next Tuesday 7/31.  We’ll announce the winner on our Facebook page, so fan us today to keep in touch! Questions?  Comments?  Brainstorms on what you’ll spend your winnings on?  Leave us a comment and GOOD LUCK!!

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