Art-Lovin’ Sponsors Via Colori 2010

Via colori We’re totally chomping at the bit to participate in Via Colori this year, an incredible event that raises money for The Center for Hearing and Speech. This annual Houston festival takes place in Downtown Houston. Artists live draw directly on the asphalt for crowds of thousands as onloookers eat, drink, and enjoy live music. If you’ve never been, you don’t want to miss it this year! It’s becoming a venerable tradition for many Houstonians.

Artists gather in Downtown Houston @ Sam Houston Park and the surrounding streets of Allen Parkway and Bagby and take over the streets for two days. They’re given a square on the asphalt on which to create a unique work of art. This year, we’re sponsoring artist Kenneth Pierson, who worked with us on Shade of Hope and has graciously agreed to be our artist for Via Colori. We’ll be there November 20-21, so please stop by and see us! For more information about Via Colori and how you can get involved, visit their website: Via Colori.

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  1. I love Houston Via Colori! I can't wait until this year's festival. My favorite piece was the 3-D one with the little boy in the air plane last year!

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