A new living room of blinds for under $500 dollars?

Dear Jessica,

I am a newlywed trying to pull our new house together as the holidays approach.  I don’t want any disapproving looks from my new mother in law when she visits for the first time over the holidays.  How can I take care of my three living room windows for less than $500 dollars?

Lynda, Buffalo

Dear Lynda,

Not to worry.  There are plenty of wonderful options in your budget.  Like many people, you have three living room windows, one large 58×72″ picture window and two smaller 36x 60″ windows.  Fauxwood2

Under 200: For an amazing $161 you can decorate your entire living room with our Blinds.com Economy 2″
Fauxwood blinds.
Fauxwood blinds are heavier than wood blinds. So if you plan to raise
and lower these often, consider wood blinds as an alternative.  Lightfiltering_shades

Under 300: Lynda, if insulation is a major concern try 3/8 Double Cell Light Filtering Shades and spend only $276 for your whole living room.  They gently filter natural light, protecting your fine upholstered furniture and offering privacy.  Add a few extra dollars for our exclusive new Measuring Insurance and rest assured that we will replace your order 100% even if you measure improperly.

Another benefit, Double Cell blinds are especially effective at saving you energy costs. The double pleats trap air and repel the summer heat and winter cold, keeping you comfortable a must in chilly Buffalo!

Want a little something extra? Add Blind.com’s Thomas Kinkade Swag Valances
to all three windows for only $220 more! This beautiful collection of
fabrics is inspired by Thomas Kinkade’s artwork. Try swag valances as
stand-alone treatments or as a top treatment over your existing blinds
or curtains.

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