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Over the past few months we’ve been following the decorating journey of Tyesha, home renovation blogger at House Made Home. After she gave her back door a fresh update with woven wood shades, she decided to swap out the basic mini blinds in her kitchen window for modern,  sleek-look shutters.

Tyesha is on a quest to upgrade her home from builder’s grade to a custom detailed look – one DIY project at a time.  To give the window over the sink a clean, contemporary look, she began looking for shutters without visible tilt rods. She decided on Bali EuroVue Shutters which are easy to install without a professional and have no visible hardware.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

” I have a serious crush on our Bali EuroVue Shutters from Blinds.com. I didn’t think it was possible to top the love that I have for our bamboo shades, but I was wrong!”

“Ordering was simple!  Once my order was placed it took about 30 days to receive our custom shutters and to my surprise I loved them even more in person.  I wanted to install them as soon as I got home, but my husband was out of town for work so all I could do was wait…”

Tyesha’s Tips for Shutter Installation:

“Installation was a breeze, and the entire process took only about 10 minutes!”

Step 1 – Assemble and Attach Frame to Window Jamb

  • Position side frames approximately 1″ inside window opening.
  • Position light looks in the top and bottom of window between. Install side frames.

Step 2 – Prepare Hinges

  • Pry hinges open using screwdriver
  • Lift shutter panel up to window and slide hinges into mounting plates
  • Tighten screws

Step 3 – Attached Bumper Pads

  • Apply adhesive back bumper pads.

“The shutters have a huge impact on our kitchen.  Everything looks much more custom and I LOVE it!”

Read more about Tyesha’s installation adventure in her post: Shutters Make Me Flutter

Want To Get The Look?

Bali EuroVue Shutters from Blinds.com

Bali EuroVue Shutters from Blinds.com

Bali EuroVue Shutters are designed for super easy installation that anyone can do, but if you want some professional help we can hook you up. All of the hardware is hidden inside the shutter frame, so you get a cleaner look and less distraction from the view outside. Just tilt one of the slats with your hands and they’ll all move together.

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