Cornices: The Ultimate Window Accessory

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We’re excited to tell you about our new line of Designer Wood Cornices. These well made window toppers lend sophistication to many window treatments. Wood blinds, fauxwood blinds, mini blinds, sheer shadings, draperies, and vertical blinds all look beautiful when crowned with custom hardwood.

Want to find out what Cornice style is right for you? Jump to our style selector to find out!

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Cornices have been a feature of classical architecture for centuries, and were used on the outside of buildings to keep rain water away from walls. When modern drainage systems were developed, cornices became functionally obsolete, but they can still be found as a decorative feature on many modern structures.

Where Do You Use a Cornice?

The word cornice has roots in the Italian word for “frame” and Greek for “crown.” As a frame does, a cornice will bring visual emphasis to your window coverings while giving them an distinguished look and concealing hardware.

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A cornice in a coordinating stain or paint color will blend beautifully with real wood or faux wood blinds. Get this look by choosing the 5 1/2″ Traditional Cornice Style.

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Another great place to use a cornice is over a large windows with multiple blinds. Because our Designer Wood Cornices are custom made to your measurements, they will unify the look of separate window coverings.

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Cornices add structure to the softer, more casual look of roman shades. In a room with a variety of window treatments like roman shades and sheer vertical panels, matching cornices can help unify the space.

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Cornices pair beautifully with drapes over windows, but can also be used to make beautiful bedroom canopies when mounted on the ceiling.


What style is right for you?

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5 1/2″ Traditional Cornice

The 5 1/2″ Traditional Cornice is our most popular option. It’s clean lines and more compact size make it a classic choice that will look proportional in any window.


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7 1/2″ Traditional Cornice

Although all of the Designer Wood Cornices are available in our most popular paint and stain colors, the 7 1/2″ Traditional Cornice looks especially beautiful in our Natural clear coated finish, as pictured above. With more height, this cornice retains a traditional look, but gives a more distinguished impact.


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7 1/2″ Contemporary Cornice

Get a more modern look with our 7 1/2″ Contemporary Cornice. It’s voluptuous curves will flow well with softly draping shades. It looks especially dapper in this dark Birch stain.


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7″ Vintage Cornice

The 7″ Vintage Cornice is a beauty that will to your windows with style and nostalgia. It’s soft curves get that extra touch with twisted detailing along the base. This mid size cornice can accommodate any size window, and looks especially lush in  the deep Java stain.


Crown Your Windows!

Are you a cornice lover? Shop our beautiful new line of Designer Wood Cornices and let us know what window you’re planning to adorn!


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  1. Cornices offer a great way to cover up the headrail on your blinds and shades and provide a finishing touch to your windows. They come in a wide array of painted and stained finishes and can be modern or classic. Often consumers don’t know about this option. Thanks for your informative article!

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