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7 Ways to Better Insulate Your Windows this Summer

Is the sweat from your brow making it hard to see your computer screen?

With the sweltering heat here in Texas already hitting 102 (and it’s only June 10!), home insulation as a method for heat reduction is necessary in most homes across the nation. Here are a few quick ideas (and several of them seriously cheap) for ways to better insulate your windows.

Bubble Wrap on Windows

Bubble Wrap on Windows via Flickr user white-and-black

1. Time to use that bubble wrap?!

Put old bubble wrap to good use and save some money in the long run. In just about 15 seconds per each window, you can reduce the heat in your house significantly. The only drawback is that it isn’t the snazziest look – and as it will cause distortion, don’t use this method for any window you need to see clearly through. Check out Build It Solar to find out how to do this simple, cheap insulation improvement.

2. Weatherstrip your windows

Weatherstripping can be used to seal air leaks throughout your home. Many easy-to-get materials can be used for weatherstripping, including felt, foam, vinyl and metal. You should choose a type of material that will hold up well with friction, weather and temperature changes. For more details, you can go to the U.S. Department of Energy’s article on weatherstripping.

3. Decorate with cell shades

This window option isn’t only pretty, it is practical. The term “cell” describes each visible side pocket on a honeycomb shade. The more cells there are, the more energy efficient the shade is. Also, the larger the cell size, the better the insulation. The cells “trap” air in the pockets, helping prevent extreme temperature changes in your home. You can go here to peruse our cellular shades that will cool off your home fast.

4. Increase your insulation with shutters

Shutters are also very good insulators because they are the thickest, tightest fitting window coverings. They successfully prevent the transmission of air between the window covering and the glass of the window, which reduces energy costs. To find the best fit for your home, you can shop insulating shutters here.

Learn more about Insulating Window Treatments

Shop all Insulating Window Treatments

5. Apply high-reflectivity window film

These films help decrease heat gain during the summer – meaning your house stays cooler. They can be applied yourself or by a professional.

Insulate your home with a Draft Snake

draft snake via Flickr user susanstars

6. Make a draft snake

Feeling crafty? This is a perfect project for someone who wants to save a few dollars and use a bit of their creative energy at the same time. Here’s a simple draft snake how to, but I challenge you to come up with a fun, unique design (and make sure to let me know if you do!).

7. Get energy efficient windows

Are all these options just not getting the result that you want? It may be time to upgrade your windows themselves. In order to select an energy-efficient window for your home, you need to understand the components of your window as well as energy performance ratings and what they mean.

Have you tried any of these insulation projects? Have any of your own that you’d like to share? Please comment here!

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  1. Adriana Reply

    We cover our windows with polystyrene sheets, it works perfectly!!!

  2. Bubble wrapped all my windows and seen a 25% reduction in heating(all electric home) costs this last winter(2015). Leaving it on for summer(2016) and we'll see..

    • Myra Reply

      I bubble wrap my west facing windows then apply a layer of black construction plastic on top of it, followed by a 1/2″ thick sheet of TyVTek insulation Styrofoam sheeting cut to fit. Granted I dont use these windows to look out of but it sure blocks that west facing Phoenix sun enough that it drops my summer light bill about $100 over the previous month. It doesn’t look cute but when it comes to blocking 8 hours of 115F+ direct sun, I don’t worry about cute. I even do my east facing windows as a couple of them cause a really hot air feeling in the kitchen. If you have an HOA, you’ll have to modify the insullating Styrofoam by spray painting the silver side either white or black before placing it on top of your bubble wrap. These methods make a world of difference.

  3. I'm planning on trying some of these, thought you may need to know about them, too!!!

  4. You’ll save on electricity costs and it will really make a difference :]

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