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5 Ways to Get Your Life in Order – Home Organization

We all need some catharsis from stress, busy schedules and problems out or our control every once and a while.  Already have your window decor under wraps?  Let’s keep it moving!

Here are a few home organization solutions that we hope will empower you with a feeling of accomplishment.

Rotating Zinc Hardware Bin for Pantry Condiments

Rotating Zinc Hardware Bin for Pantry Condiments

Save Space with a Spinning Rack For Condiments

Are you pulling a muscle trying to reach for condiments in the pantry and not knock over all the rest? Keep jars and bottles at your fingertips by loading them all on a tiered rotating rack. This will help you use deep cabinets efficiently and will allow you to pull something from the back without taking everything off of the shelf. If you have scant amounts of condiments and spices, or little space to spare, a small lazy susan will do the job as well.


Drawer spice rack

Save counter space with a Drawer Spice Rack

Store Spices Stadium-Style for Accessibility

If your counter space is sparse, or you’d just like to maintain a minimalist look in your kitchen, a genius solution is to store spices in a drawer. You can buy buy stadium seating racks from Organize.com and The Container Store, or if you’re handy with the power tools, you can make your own with wedges of spare lumber. This set up may take up valuable drawer space, but with all the labels in view and jars within reach it’ll probably save you valuable prep time.

Turn Your Nightstand into a Charging Station

Fancy charging stations keep cords tucked away, but they often take up valuable counter space. Save money and achieve the same goal by turning your nightstand into a charging station. If space allows, feed the cord of a power strip through the back of the nightstand, and if necessary drill holes in the drawer and out the back to allow the cord to pass through. Secure the power strip to the back of the drawer with command strips, and you’re ready to go. Stow items in the drawer to charge overnight, or pull cords out to charge a laptop or e-reader while you’re using them in bed.

Organize photos on CDs to save computer space

Organize photos on CDs to save computer space

Create a Photo Filing System

Save room on your computer’s hard drive (and keep things from getting sluggish) by transferring digital photos to CDs and filing them away. Do this incrementally. If you wait until the end of the year, it’ll never get done. Instead, take a few extra seconds to transfer the images to a disc as soon as you upload them to your computer. Then you can go ahead and delete them from your computer. Color code your collection by storing discs in jewel cases – blue for parties, green for trips, etc. That way you’ll be able to find the pictures you’re looking for in a snap. This method also serves as a reliable back-up that will keep your pictures safe even if your computer crashes.

Let Your Coat Closet Live Up to It's Storage Potential

Let Your Coat Closet Live Up to It’s Storage Potential

Maximize Entryway Storage with an Organized Coat Closet

Often the entry way can become a dumping ground for belongings of all kinds. Make the most of a coat closet when a small entry way doesn’t allow for a freestanding storage set-up. Install deep hooks on the back of the door that can hold several bags at once neatly. Double your hanging potential by adding a closet rod extender. Place longer coats in the top rod and use the bottom for short ones.  Storage systems that attach to the hanging rod are great for stashing winter accessories or smaller bags.


What organization project would give you the most peace-of-mind?

Let us know on Facebook or Twitter @BlindsDotCom. We’d love to chat with you and hear any organization tips you have!


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  1. love the drawer charging station. think I might do this with the living room end table.

  2. Margaret Ryan Reply

    I bought that spice rack before I saw this post. Life changing, let me tell you.

  3. Great idea for spice rack. Nice space saver!

  4. Wow! These are great ideas for sure!

  5. Caroline Peeples Reply

    So many good ideas for storage.

  6. Abigail Elkins Reply

    All over this spice rack idea. It will be such a space saver.

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