5 Tips to Get Back to School Ready

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It’s back to school season soon and pretty hard to believe that the summer has gone by so quickly! It can sometimes be a little overwhelming to go from vacation mode back to the daily grind, so we’ve gathered a few tips to make the transition more organized and a little more fun!

1. De-clutter

Before you even think about going back to school shopping, take a look at what you have first. Whether you’re shopping for your kids or are a kid going back to college like myself, be sure to get rid of things you don’t need and won’t wear. There’s no point in keeping clothes that take up space and only add to the overwhelming pile of stuff you own. If you’re feeling bold you could even take on the 40 hanger closet challenge. Tackle your wardrobe and get rid of items you haven’t worn in the past 6 months. It’s okay to keep a few pieces if they have special sentimental value, but the ultimate purpose of this is to de-clutter! Sell what you can to a resale shop and donate the rest – you may ever make a few bucks for a new outfit!

The same can be done with the bookshelf. After a year of school I usually accumulate a good number of overpriced textbooks that need to be done away with. Clear up some space for yourself and take what you don’t plan on reading to Half Priced Books. De-cluttering will make you feel refreshed and you’ll have more space for things you’ll actually use!

2. Get your beauty sleep

Soon the days will get busier and busier and nothing is more important to your success, sanity and happiness than getting enough sleep. Don’t let lights outside keep you awake during your precious sleep hours. Invest in a blackout or room darkening shade so that you can rest peacefully throughout the night. Our most affordable options are the Economy Room Darkening Roller Shade and the Bali Blackout Roller Shade.

The Blinds.com Economy Room Darkening Roller Shades are the best bet for someone on a budget! They are made of vinyl to darken the room and come with a continuous loop clutch, allowing you to easily stop the shade in any position.

The Bali Blackout Roller Shades come in a variety of opacity levels, fabric styles, colors and options. They block damaging UV rays while reducing heat transmittance to keep rooms cooler while shading your eyes from the sun.

Shop the rest of our blackout shades here!

3. Make a To-Do List

To Do Lists

To Do Lists via Clean and Scentsible

Before school begins there will be plenty of appointments to go to, errands to run, and supplies to buy. Make sure you’ll get them all done by creating a to-do list! You can use one of the adorable printables here, write it in down in your calendar, or try out the iphone app EpicWin, which creates a character for you that ‘levels up’ like a video game after you complete a certain number of tasks.  What could make to-do lists more fun?

4. Organize Dinner Time

10 Steps to Freezer Cooking

10 Steps to Freezer Cooking via Ring Around the Rosies

Bulk up on foods that will store well so you can make less trips to the grocery store. Plan for meals that are easy to make and dust off the crockpot that’s been sitting in your cabinet! Ring Around the Rosies is full of awesome recipes that you can make ahead, freeze, and pop into the slow cooker on the day you want to make them. Come home late in the day and dinner will already be done!

5. Make Use of Your Windows

Writing in Window

Writing in Window via Flickr user pomo mama

There’s no reason why homework can’t be a little more fun right? Equip yourself with window markers and prepare to turn your windows into a whiteboard. They’re the perfect space for kids to work out their homework problems or for you to doodle and de-stress. You can even write yourself a few words of inspiration.

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