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Brighten up your kitchen with color and pieces that make you smile!

Put Some Pep Into Your Food Prep!

1. Paint Your Cabinets Sea Glass Green– Although Emerald is the darling of the design world right now, it’s softer cousin, Sea Glass, is sweeping the fashion community with it’s throwback feel. Where Emerald energizes, Sea Glass brings serenity. On cabinets, this jadeite hue will give your kitchen nostalgic charm, and will calm even the most hectic meals.


Create an herb garden with old tea tins

2. Create an Herb Garden With Old Tea Tins – Caring for plants has been proven to reduce stress. Seeing something green in your life, especially during a dreary winter, will give you a mood boosting connection to nature. Save money at the grocery store by starting an herb garden on your kitchen windowsill. Basil, parsley, rosemary and chives are easy for beginners to grow indoors. Use old tea tins for a charming mini container garden and a happier kitchen is on it’s way!


Bring in a Bright Fridge to Make Your Kitchen a Little Happier!

3. Bring In A Bright Fridge – Retro-style colorful fridges are coming back on the market via brands like the Italian appliance manufacturer Smeg. One of these babies nestled in between your cabinets will make even a tiny kitchen stand out from the pack.


Find Fun Salt and Pepper Shakers to make your kitchen a little happier

4. Shake up Your Table with Bold Salt and PepperS + P are the spices you use the most, so why not find shakers that you’ll be glad to leave out on the table? Bright beauties like these can be found in antique stores, but many modern designers like Jonathan Adler are coming out with whimsical shapes that won’t fail to delight.


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  1. Beautiful ideas to enjoy your kitchen! Adore those sweet S&P shakers in the last shot. Too cute!

  2. Dennis DeBow Reply

    Nice look but that frig is tiny! you have a massive stove and a little bitty frig??

  3. Sue Sarcheck all u have to do is put a towel down on the floor then get your window cleaner spray bottle and start spraying alot till its dripping all the grease and dirt off. that's how i clean difficult things!

  4. Vicki Turner Brain Reply

    Love a bit of color in a neutral kitchen –also a little vintage touch such as in the salt and pepper shakers, tea tins.

  5. Mary Coughlan Reply

    Chandelier is ugly there. A little bit of iron or aluminum would be better with a glass pendant.

  6. Keeping chandeliers bright and clean is so easy. I used to see an expensive chandelier cleaning spray in lighting stores, then figured out what was in them.
    Put clear ammonia and rubbing alcohol (not picky about proportions, but maybe 2/3 ammonia and 1/3 alcohol) in a spray bottle to the halfway mark. Fill with distilled water.
    Cover the surface below the chandelier with plastic like an old shower curtain, then towels or newspapers.
    Spray vigorously all over chandelier, leaving it dripping until dry.
    It is like a miracle with fussy crystal chandeliers. I do this regularly to all light fixtures in my house a couple of times a year. If it doesn't come perfectly clean the first time, that means it was really, really dirty and greasy. Repeat.

  7. Anita Gallo Reply

    FYI, love the smeg fridgebut it is about $2K, i think. some of the other options may be more doable.

  8. Sue Sarcheck Reply

    Good point.

  9. see the chandelier in the green kitchen? Try cleaning the grease that will be clinging to THAT after a few months. charming, but, no, thanks.

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