12 Tools to Organize Your Kid’s Room

With the school year coming into swing many moms are frantically trying to get organized. Since children often won’t think to clean up after themselves (unless you’ve trained them exceptionally well) we’ve gathered these 12 tools to help you keep your kid’s room more organized!

Kid's Room Organization

  1. Chore Charts – what better way to motivate your children to get their chores done than with a chore chart? These printable charts can be customized depending on what you want your kids to do everyday. Hang these in their room or on the refrigerator and when they get something done, mark it off with a star sticker. Reward your kids with a special treat or an allowance when they get a row of stars!
  2. Backpack Hook – a place for everything and for everything a place! With this adorable dinosaur-shaped hook, you’ll have a special spot for your child’s backpack and jacket. Tell your kids to hang up their things when they get home (and since the hook is a dinosaur friend, that will be a lot easier!)
  3. Lego Storage – These Lego boxes are the perfect way to store school supplies or little knick-knacks in your child’s room. They’re fun, colorful, and functional!
  4. Schoolwork Scrapbook – It may be hard for you and your child to part with the projects they’ve done over the school year, so why not create a scrapbook you can look back on later? Pick out the most memorable assignments from school and organize them into a binder or scrapbook.

    School Projects

    School Projects via Flickr user woodleywonderworks

  5. 10 Second Tidy! If you’ve ever seen the children’s show The Big Comfy Couch, then you know all about the 10 second tidy. At the end of the day after making a big mess, for 10 seconds, Loonette (the main character) would run around her room cleaning it up until it was spotless. Although it may not take only 10 seconds, you should get into the habit of cleaning up with your child. Make it into a game and at the end of the day, see how much you can pick up in just 1 or 2 minutes. It will make a big difference over time! (photo via flickr user Kim and Ashlee’s Cakes and Cookies)
  6. File Cabinet – for each child, make sure you have a file cabinet organized with all of their important information. Fill it with hospital records, vaccinations and school papers so that you’ll know where everything is and won’t have to spend time hunting it down.
  7. DIY Coloring Station – For kids that love to color why not make them their very own coloring station? This awesome DIY shows you a fun and easy way to make a portable coloring area that will keep all of their coloring materials in one place.
  8. Homework Desk – For older kids who have homework after school, a desk is essential. Make sure they have an area where they can focus on their work without distractions. We love this children’s desk from Pottery Barn Kids for its playhouse-appeal.

    Doing Homework

    Doing Homework via flickr user ND Strupler

  9. Under-bed Storage – For children’s clothing that’s out of season, put it away in storage under the bed. It’s the perfect way to utilize unused space, which gives your child more room to play.
  10. DIY Toy Chest – A toy chest is one of the best ways to keep a child’s room mess-free. If their toys are more easy to put away, your child will be more likely to pick them up. You can even make this adorable toy chest yourself if you’re feeling crafty. If your child seems to have an overwhelming amount of toys (it’s not your fault they’re so loved) you can try rotating them out. Put 10 in the chest at a time and store the others somewhere else. Then, after they get tired of those toys in a month or so, put the old ones in. This way they get to enjoy “new toys” without you buying anything else.
  11. Dirty Clothes Hamper – Keeping clothes off the floor is an essential for any clean room. Get your child into the habit of putting their clothes in the hamper as soon as they’re dirty, and with a personalized hamper like this one, they will feel like picking up laundry is an important task!
  12. Shoe Storage Tree – This shoe storage tree is a great way to keep your child from tripping over their shoes on the floor. Put this is their room or closet, and make a routine out of hanging the shoes up when they get home.

Overall, the best way to make sure your child’s room will be kept clean is to engage them and let them know that it’s important. Make cleaning up into a game and make it fun – these 12 tools will help you get there! Let us know which of these ideas you liked best!

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